Filtek Universal Restorative: Perfect Every Day

Filtek Universal Restorative from 3M Oral Care: Choosing the perfect everyday composite

John Rafelt of the 3M Oral Care team explains the benefits of Filtek Universal Restorative:

Restorative procedures are a mainstay of dentistry, meaning you need a composite by your side that can tackle everyday treatments while being versatile enough for a wide array of indications. Aesthetics, strength, durability and ease of use must be considered too, and this means that finding an ideal composite is not as easy as you would expect.

One solution that offers all of these benefits and more is Filtek Universal Restorative from 3M Oral Care. Suitable for use in a vast array of indications and offering strength, durability and excellent aesthetics, Filtek Universal Restorative also boasts an ergonomically designed delivery system with a unique capsule tip that aids easier placement, even in deep restorations.

Plus, Filtek Universal Restorative also has unique shades perfectly suited for bleached teeth, and a Pink Opaquer shade ideal for masking metal and stained dentition.

What makes Filtek Universal Restorative the first choice? Consider the alternative materials you use regularly and compare their properties, shades, opacities and other characteristics to see what is currently most useful to your patients. If you notice you only use a small shade selection, for example, it’s a good idea to stop investing in other shades that are used far less regularly.

This is also true for opacities and other qualities – it’s very easy to stock up on composites “just in case” you need them, but this quickly becomes wasteful. There are plenty of composites designed for specific uses or areas of dentition. An everyday composite should provide a more blanket approach offering the versatility needed to be a useful tool in a number of indications.

For example, can your current composite be used for repairing enamel defects or act as a core build-up for crown preparation? Can the composite be warmed for injection moulding? Is your current composite adaptable enough to play a role in both simple and more complex cases? Filtek Universal Restorative meets all such criteria, with great strength and durability.

And we can’t discount the need for excellent aesthetics. Patients want natural-looking restorations that match existing dentition. Shade selection, opacity and other properties come into play. Filtek Universal Restorative is available in the most popular Vita shades (A1, A2, A3) with a Universal option. And the delivery system’s ergonomic design makes it more comfortable and easier to use over a long day chairside.

In conclusion, Filtek Universal offers a solution that can be used in the majority of everyday restorative cases, strengthens your armamentarium and limits the amount of waste you generate. Plus, you can guarantee your patients will be satisfied with the results.

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